Our story

Over 400 years ago the intoxicating aroma of spices drew the Portuguese to a tiny island overloaded with beauty. The temporary settlers deftly carved their arms on a rock and named their new home Ceilão.

Our family hand picked places for our holiday homes. With the passing of time, work and studies kept us overseas. We then decided to open them to travellers coming to our shores so they too can enjoy the spaces we created.

As a family we adore the seaside. That’s how the beach villa came in to being in the quaint little village of Kabalana.

My father’s passion was wildlife so it was inevitable that Kirinda Lodge materialized on the border of Yala National Park.

Next to emerge was Colombo House simply because the decision to transform the home Mum grew up in to a stylish hotel took a heartbeat longer.

Our journey however has just begun and my brothers and I will continue to put our unique stamp on Sri Lanka’s beautiful terrain for years to come.

No set meal times, no dress code. You’re a guest of our family in your home away from home we’ve named Ceilão Villas.

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